Dear, Klairs

USE WELL, RE-USE WELL, An empty bottle campaign where you use and re-use well

Use good products well 

It’s not easy to find cosmetics that work for your skin. That’s why Klairs is so focused on cosmetics that are always comfortable to use regardless of skin type and the season. And that’s why we offer plenty of samples to test out before customers purchase a new product.

Using a good product that works for you until the end is important for both your skin and the environment.

One step further with our customers

Cosmetic bottles are made of various materials such as plastic and pumps, making it difficult to recycle. But what if we think about a better way starting from the production stage, and then after use, we separate the packaging according to the materials and find them a new use? Dear, Klairs wants to create a circulation process by collecting these skincare empties, and we want to take a small step forward with our customers.

Introducing the empty bottle collection campaign USE WELL, RE-USE WELL launched by Klairs in April 2022.

1. [Using makeup] Use well 

The start to collecting empties is to carefully select cosmetics that work for your skin.
Use products that work well for you until the end. 

2. [Collecting cosmetics] Collect well

Collect empties in the proper way so that they can be reused in another healthy way. The collection of empties is being carried out through Klairs Seoul and the official Korean website.
If it is difficult for you to participate in the campaign with Klairs, there are places that also collect empty bottles with the same concerns.Please check where you can return empty bottles around you. 

3. [Upcycling product] Re-thinking the use

We think about ways to reuse the empty plastic bottles that everyone has used and collected. 
Klairs will select and compress the collected empty bottles and recycle them into upcycled products
that can be used again in everyday life.

4. [Upcycling product funding] Re-use well

We are planning to fund upcycled products made from empty bottles so that they can be used well again within our customers’ daily lives. We want to show more people how cosmetics bottles are newly used through the funding. 
Proceeds from the funding sales will be donated to activities where more resources can be recycled, and after the donation is completed, the sales amount and donation destination will be disclosed on our website. 

Be more sustainable

Dear, Klairs will put in the effort little by little, to find a better direction for the Earth that we live in together. 
We changed our products’ packaging to eco-friendly paper materials and donated to causes to help protect the environment. 
In 2022, Klairs launched the ‘USE WELL, RE-USE WELL’ campaign to collect empty bottles and find new uses for them. The collection of empty bottles, the production of upcycled products with the collected empty bottles, and the collection of donations with the help of more people will continue throughout the year.

Please join Dear, Klairs so that the empties can be newly used. 

More information about the campaign will be shared through and @klairs.seoul as well as Klairs Cosmetics.

The More Empty Bottles, the Less CO2

It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide by about 538.49kg with the 1,778 empty bottles collected by customers who visited Klairs Seoul in person, customers who submitted their empty bottles through, and Klairs employees. 

Thanks to this, Dear, Klairs wants to make empty bottle collecting into an act of regular resource cycling, rather than just a one-time campaign. 

From now on, the collection of empty bottles at the Klairs Seoul store will become a regular operation. Submit your empty bottles to Klairs Seoul, and we will exchange it for a miniature product. 

So feel free to visit us at Klairs Seoul in Garosu-gil!

Upcycling Beyond Recycling

The collected empty bottles will eventually be recreated through the above process as upcycled merch, which will be introduced on the channels, @klairs.seoul, including Klairs Cosmetics. 

Please look forward to the upcycled goods that we can use for a longer time in our daily lives.​

Dear, Klairs will continue to consider the sustainability of the world we live in.

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