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Midnight in Seoul, A Media Exhibition to Restore the Balance of Everyday Life

In Seoul, a city that is always busy, we live with the dream that we can achieve anything. 

However, there comes a moment where everyone needs consolation and warmth, and we recover those ruptures in our daily lives little by little with each of our own small forms of happiness. 

A cup of chamomile tea after a tough day, a night walk with your dog after work, or a book after shutting off the laptop that you’ve been holding onto all day.

The nights of Seoul, which had been forgotten for a while due to the pandemic, Dear, Klairs wants to capture the calming comfort and happiness given to us by Seoul. 

From May 2nd to May 15th, 2022, at Klairs Seoul, meet ‘Midnight in Seoul’, an exhibition featuring the beautiful night scenery of Seoul.

We introduce you to the night of Seoul, a city of dreams.

Space 1.  Calming Zone

Once you enter the exhibition, the Calming Zone will catch your eye first.

Seoul, the city of dreams. Enjoy the scenery within the busy timeline and think about what the scenery of Seoul you may have overlooked was like.

Space 2. Midnight Zone

The Midnight Zone of ‘Midnight in Seoul’ features the colorful everchanging Seoul, and captures the small forms of happiness that were lost due to the pandemic through film.

The busy Seoul city reveals another aspect as the sunset begins, and the more the darkness subsides, the more distinct the scenery of the city becomes. 
When night comes around in Seoul, people enjoy the night in their own way.

The moments of happiness are sometimes splendid, sometimes wonderful, and sometimes comforting. 
Look back on the moments we loved while living in the city of dreams.

Space 3. Blueming Zone

The color blue is known to be a color that relieves severe stress and nerves. Blue lighting also helps insomniacs sleep soundly.

The Blueming Zone features the Dear, Klairs ‘Midnight Blue Line’, which consists of the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop, Midnight Blue Calming Cream, and Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask. The space provides customers with stability for their sensitive skin and mind, and also offers them with a nighttime ritual they need for a better tomorrow.

In addition, the Blueming Zone has photozones where you can take pictures, and make your own memories of small happiness.

Small forms of happiness build up to become precious moments that firmly balance your everyday life.

Look back on the moments where you feel happy, such as the sunset you look at after work, a walk with your dog on the weekend, or a late afternoon on the weekend when you meet your loved one, and share them with others.

There are various product giveaway events for customers who visit the exhibition, so please visit Klairs Seoul’s Instagram if you would like to participate.

A Night to Find the Balance of Everyday Life Through Small Forms of Happiness

“Happiness is the frequency, not the intensity.” – Ed Diener

Dear, Klairs wants to record the small forms of happiness that occur frequently during the day, shed light on the sparkling night of Seoul, and restore the balance of everyday life that we have lost for a while.

Seoul, a small but beautiful city.

It’s a busy and complicated place, but we still live with dreams because of the comfort and relaxation that we can get here.

The nights of Seoul that made us immersed and excited.

Recall the scenery of Seoul that lit up the dark sky, and look back on what moments truly make you happy.

Those who couldn’t make it to the media exhibition can watch the main video of ‘Midnight in Seoul’ here.

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