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A Way of Resting in the City, comma in Klairs

Our lives are busy every day. As soon as we’re finished with what we were doing, the next task awaits us. We held a mindfulness project called “comma in Klairs” on the 3rd floor of Klairs Seoul so that you can stop by and rest for a while within your daily life, where it’s getting harder and harder to find relaxation and take care of yourself. 

The first project of comma in Klairs was a meditation exhibition, and the second was a hands-on class where we personally met many of our customers.

comma in Klairs 1st Meditation Exhibition

10 Minute Meditation and Journaling to Focus on My Small World

Date: July 9th 2021~July 28th 2021

Space 1. Meditation 

The Meditation Space was where customers sat in a meditation tent, put on a pair of headphones, and enjoyed audio meditation content for about 10 minutes. By listening to the calm voice that was a guide to the world of meditation, complete immersion and relaxation was experienced.

Space 2. Journaling

The Journaling Space was a space where you would write down your honest emotions you wanted to put away for now and we would send you the postcard one month later. Because the postcards were written while standing, thoughts and emotions were able to be written down immediately without too much consideration. Even if it was for a short moment, we were able to see the serious faces of customers as they had deep conversations with themselves.

Space 3. Healing

The silk curtains with quotes related to mindfulness dancing along the wind blowing through open doors allowed customers to feel calm and rested without them realizing.  The silk curtains, which resembled a sunset, also became our own little photo zone.

comma in Klairs 2nd Mindfulness Class in Garosu-gil

A Class to Look at Yourself with a Warm Voice

Date: July 9th 2021~July 28th 2021 (Every Fri, Sat, Sun)

For 4 weeks, we held various mindfulness classes where we invited mindfulness guides from each field.

Through singing bowls for inner peace, color meditation, writing to strengthen the mind, and color therapy, we guided customers through various ways to provide your body and mind with genuine rest.

We prepared “comma in Klairs” with the hopes that customers take care of no one else but themselves for once, even if it is just for a moment. There was a review that warmed the hearts of the staff behind “comma in Klairs”.

We would like to end the article with a review by a customer who participated in the class, which left us with a great impression.

“I registered for this class because of my friend who lives only as someone’s mother or someone’s wife, who seemed to be losing herself. She said that she was on the verge of tears several times after hearing the guide’s warm, empathetic voice. I was upset to see my friend write down “baby mother, husband’s wife, mother’s daughter” when writing 3 keywords that describe herself. I think my friend realized something, as she wanted to buy something for herself after the class was over, so we went shopping together. I think it’s been about five years since she bought clothes for herself…

I felt grateful that this would become an opportunity for my friend to reflect a little more from today.”

– Customer Review of the Color Meditation and Ritual, Color Therapy Class, comma in Klairs

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