Dear, Klairs


Vietnam: Wishcompany ranks No.1 in sales

  • Million seller “Unscented Toner” comes first place unrivaled in its category on TikTok, the social media platform with the No.1 timeshare
  • Entering the local market in 2015, “Dear, Klairs” sales rose for eight consecutive years

Wishcompany’s representative skincare brand “Dear, Klairs” has established itself as a major K-Beauty brand in Vietnam by ranking first in sales in the Toner category on Vietnam’s TikTok Shop.

Wishcompany (CEO Park Soung-ho), a global beauty content company, announced on the 2nd that “Supple Preparation Unscented Toner,” a representative product of “Dear, Klairs” and a global million-seller, has been ranking No.1 in sales in the Toner category of Vietnam’s TikTok Shop for 13 consecutive weeks.

TikTok is a social platform with the No.1 timeshare in Vietnam, which Generation MZ wholeheartedly supports for its easy-to-film-and-share short-form videos and quick response and communication functions. Last year, TikTok opened TikTok Shop in Vietnam by adding commerce functions. Following TikTok’s popularity, TikTok Shop has also established itself as a popular commerce platform that creates over 800,000 consumers daily.

Wishcompany entered Vietnam in 2015 and actively responded to trendy new media such as local Instagram, Facebook, etc., steadily increasing sales for eight years.

Dear, Klairs recently opened an official channel through TikTok as TikTok Shop emerged as a new trend in Vietnam. Currently, the Vietnam Dear, Klairs channel has reached approximately 90,000 followers. The record of coming first in the Toner category was achievable by paying attention to the potential of TikTok Shop, a new commerce channel, and working as a major seller since last year.

“Vietnam is a major market for Wishcompany and is a market that is highly loyal to good products,” said Park Soung-ho, the CEO of Wishcompany. He added, “Utilizing the sensitive characteristics toward emerging new media trends, we will develop not only toners but also content in various categories to establish ourselves as a representative K-Beauty company in the local market.”