Dear, Klairs


Unscented Toner of Dear, Klairs, Wishcompany’s flagship brand, marks a sales volume of 4 million bottles, ranked first place in Vietnam

– The unscented version of “Supple Preparation Facial Toner” has become a popular bestseller since its release in 2018
– Tops the list for 13 consecutive weeks in the toner category in Vietnam’s TikTok Shop in May, achieving a record-breaking sales
– Wins over ten awards, including the “Best Sensitive Skin Care” nomination in Watsons Vietnam, becoming the “Representative product of K-Clean Beauty”

Wishcompany’s “Supple Preparation Unscented Toner” sells steadily overseas and achieves sales of 4 million.

Wishcompany announced on August 28 that the company’s flagship skincare brand “Dear, Klairs” has consistently increased sales of “Supple Preparation Unscented Toner” (hereinafter, Unscented Toner) through Watsons, online stores, and online platforms and over 60 countries’ online and offline channels since its launch in 2018, reaching a cumulative sales of 4 million bottles.

Dear, Klairs is a representative brand of Wishcompany that has introduced hypoallergenic skincare products under the slogan “Simple, but Enough.” Its products are available in over 60 countries, including Vietnam, Japan, and North America, and it has created a total of eight global million-seller products one after another so far.

Since its launch in 2018, Unscented Toner has won more than ten awards, including △ 1st place in Vietnam’s Beauty platform Reviewty Award (2021, 2023) △ Nominated as Watson Vietnam’s Best Sensitive Skin Care (2023), △ Chicor 2022 Best Award, Korea. Developed as an extension of the previous million-seller, the Supple Preparation Facial Toner, the product was reformulated without essential oils to reflect the opinions of customers who prefer hypoallergenic and scent-free products.

In addition, the product has actively responded to the hot and humid climate of Vietnam and locally trending new media. In August last year, it ranked fourth in the Rising Star Brand rankings, only three months after the official launching of the “Klairs Vietnam” channel in TikTok Shop, Vietnam. Since then, the Unscented Toner has topped the sales list for 13 consecutive weeks in the toner category in May, achieving the highest sales record to date.

Wishcompany CEO Park Soung-ho said, “Toners are the most basic and key products in skin care,” and added, “We stayed faithful to the basics in developing the product so that our products can be loved for a long time with a single product. And since we have received so much love, we will return the love with better products.”

Meanwhile, to celebrate the sales of 4 million bottles of the Unscented Toner, a 23% discount event will be held at the brand’s official Naver Store until August 30.