Dear, Klairs


Q&A Session: Get to Know Klairs!

Hello there! 

Thanks for your support in our brand, Klairs! As a way of saying thanks, we decided to share a little bit more about Klairs  and the behind the scenes of what goes into making our products. We hope you enjoy this Q&A session and let’s get started! 


klairs q&a session

[Could you provide a brief brand introduction for Klairs?]

Klairs believes  in the idea of “simple but enough”; it is to provide customers with a high-quality skincare brand that contains only the most necessary ingredients. It has no colorants, alcohol, parabens and  artificial fragrances. It is made with the intention to work for all skin types, with particular care for sensitive skin. Klairs’ most popular and loved product, Supple Preparation Facial Toner and the Vitamin Drop has been the best-seller every year in Glow Pick Consumer Award, and received attention for falling in the Top 10 skincare products in the US.


[What are your brand’s skincare values?]

The ultimate goal of Wish Company’s own brand Klairs is to develop and distribute skin care products that are focused on ‘healthy values’ and ‘good ingredients’. Our main value is not focused on colorful makeup or external beauty, but rather, it is aimed at maintaining healthy skin. We aim to be a reliable, transparent brand that anyone can use and feel comfortable in.

[Why do you create beauty contents?]

We want to communicate with our customers through the various platforms by creating contents through videos, articles, etc. The main purpose is to share helpful beauty and skin-care related information to a global audience. We are constantly researching and developing creative ways to deliver more accurate information to our customers in an engaging and convenient way. We try to make our contents easy to understand and interesting. Our goal is not to create click bait images or viral content, but to create informative and useful content.


[What is the main value of your brand and marketing for Klairs?]

Wish Company does not spend a huge budget on marketing, instead, we try to invest our money to make the best quality products and do transparent marketing for brand and products; there is no need to cover up or to inflate through marketing to make it a product seem like it’s something. Our first philosophy is to create great products because great products will market itself. For example, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner and Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop was selected as Amazon’s Best Sellers and both have also made it first place in a Korean Beauty Review App, Glowpick,  that was only based on customers reviews. In this case, we rely on word of mouth marketing tactic which is why we don’t spend a lot of money on marketing.I


[What is the greatest advantage of Wish Company’s own brand Klairs?]

When it comes to new product launches, all of our staff members test the products for a period of time and are able to come gather to discuss in detail of their insights. This is the greatest advantage at Wish Company and is a strength point for our brands. It is because, the employees only select the best products to be launched. If there are any discrepancies or negative feedback from internally in regards to the product being tested, we immediately eliminate them from launching. In fact, it is our confidence that there is a high percentage of employees that actually believes in and enjoys Klairs and By Wishtrend products within our company. As fans of the brands, we have tested and tried out the products ourselves, which allows us to understand the kind of product the general population would enjoy!

When it comes to our brands, products, and content, we as a company, do not produce mediocre work because we believe that it is our utmost responsibility to produce products that are effective and reliable for our customers.


Again, we are truly grateful for your support and love for Klairs. We hope to continue to bring out exciting and effective products out to you soon! So keep an eye out. Until then, follow us on on Instagram for updates.