Dear, Klairs


Klairs on Norway’s Animal Cruelty Free Brand List!

Klairs is now officially recognized as a brand that is free from animal testing on Norway’s Dyrevernalliansen!

cruelty free

Also known as the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance, it is a leading animal welfare charity in Norway.

On the website next to Klairs, it states:

The Animal Welfare Alliance has been confirmed in writing that this manufacturer does not tests their ingredients or products on animals.

Dyrevernalliansen is a go-to destination for many to confirm if brands are actually cruelty free or not, and requires a criteria that brands have to go through to be put on the list. These days, customers are more willing to support cruelty-free brands and websites like Dyrevernalliansen is very useful to confirm that brands are not using animal subjects as experience for their products.


Founded to shine light on the many animals that have been sacrificed for cosmetics, the Dyrevernalliansen homepage has been created to bring awareness and educate the community as they hope to put an end to these harsh testing on them. This organization has been a strong step forward towards the continued fight against this injustice.

Klairs being on Dyrevernalliansen is a one step closer to bringing awareness and the importance of going cruelty free.

Klairs is proud to play a part, no matter how small that may be.

Klairs’ part in supporting animal rights

Since our foundation in 2009, we have maintained cruelty-free methods and have continuously pushed for the eradication of animal testing in not only cosmetics but as a whole, which is why this news is important to us.

Thank you once again to everyone for your support in our brand’s core values. We ask for your continued support of not only Klairs, but also the cruelty-free movement.