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Klairs 6th Fundraising Project forWorld Day for Laboratory Animals,’GO CRUELTY FREE: LET US BE!’

6th Fundraising Project From Klairs for World Day for Laboratory Animals

Step by Step Towards Sustainability
Klairs presents products that are necessary and can be used for a long time
and thinks about the sustainability of the world in contact with Klairs.

It is in the same context that Klairs has been strictly following
the value of ‘Cruelty-Free’ from its very beginning.
Klairs doesn’t support animal testing in product development, and we don’t export to countries that require animal testing. We also have been continuously speaking out against animal testing.

Time passed, and thankfully animal testing is now illegal in South Korea.
However, there are still animals that are in pain.

What can we do in this situation?

All donation projects from Klairs begin with that question.
Hoping that tomorrow will be better if every one of us continuously does what we can do
without looking away from the issues related to sustainable life.
Klairs is always working to do what a brand can do.

This is not an easy process, but we’re not lonely because we have you on our side.
The 6th fundraising project from Klairs that we prepared with the same heart
that we always had is ‘GO CRUELTY FREE: LET US BE!’ Please join us!


In commemoration of the World Day for Laboratory Animals, Klairs is trying to voice out even louder against animal testing throughout this fundraising project.

We created the campaign slogan of ‘GO CRUELTY FREE: LET US BE!’ and campaign illustration, wishing that all animals can be free.

Support our animal friends running towards freedom with Brachiosaurus – a ruthless and herbivorous dinosaur from ‘Joguman Studio‘ – that dreams of a world that is free, peaceful, and fair.
#Klairs #KlairsCrueltyFree #WorthTheWalk

You can let us know that you have participated in by setting the campaign illustration as your phone wallpaper or re-gramming it on your Instagram.

You can also join in the donation directly, by purchasing products from the donation project page on

All profit goes to an animal rights organization. (*Donation amount and organization to be announced later)

Please don’t miss out, because all merchandise, and especially the Klairs Cruelty Free Kit box, only come in minimal availability.
>>Participate in the donation
>>Download the wallpaper

Klairs Cruelty Free Kit

We created the merch for this fundraising project that was built by imagining you and your pet’s walk. ‘Klairs Cruelty Free Kit’ consists of Soft Airy UV Essence – a sunscreen for those you dislike sunscreen. Along with other items, you might need on a walk, with illustrations of cute animal friends from Joguman Studio.

● Soft Airy UV Essence

An essential item for anyone supporting animal rights and the environment.
This water-based sunscreen got rid of the typical stickiness and oiliness of other SPF products.
It finishes off on the skin with transparency without leaving any white cast, and it does not block pores, which gives comfort to the skin.

With the light texture of the water gel formula, apply Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence just like wearing a perfect skincare.

V Cruelty-Free
V Vegan-Friendly

● Poop Bag
#Useful #PoopBag #MiniPouch

A mini pouch for you and your pet!
This can be used as a poop bag for your dog when going out for a walk, or as an everyday pouch for your small belongings.

#EcoFriendly #Handkerchief #DrinkBag

Try using an eco-friendly drink bag instead of a disposable take-out cup bolder, and a handkerchief instead of a tissue.
The handkerchief is for your pet and can also be used as a paw wipe towel. You can start by replacing single-use products to multi-use ones!

Wherever you are, GO CRUELTY FREE: LET US BE!

For the week of this fundraising project (April 20th to 26th), you can enjoy 10% discount at with the promotion code: LETUSBE

Also, please pay attention to the four following Instagram accounts during the week of the fundraising project.

We will be having a relay giveaway, and the gift will be the ‘Klairs Cruelty Free Kit.’
✓ Pay attention to the following Instagram accounts for the ‘Relay Giveaway’


You can use GIF Stickers from the illustration by looking up ‘Klairs‘ on Instagram Story.

Now, shall we take this meaningful step with Klairs?

Thank you always for walking with us.