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New Klairs x RAWROW collaboration has your summer beauty needs covered

Trips to the beach are a must as the weather starts to get warmer. But despite all the fun in the sun, it’s a pain – both literally and figuratively – to deal with the aftermath of long-time sun exposure and wet belongings.

Just in time for the summer months, Klairs cosmetics and famous Seoul-based accessory company, RAWROW, just released their exclusive collaboration “Vacation Beauty Pouch” set available on popular Korean boutique 29cm.

Klairs x RAWROW collaboration

What is RAWROW?

Established in 2010, RAWROW specializes in shoes and bags and has gained fans over the years for their visually appealing, yet sturdy and practical designs. Similar to the ideals of Klairs, RAWROW believes that simple is best and strives to deliver the highest-quality products to their customers.

While they started small just in 2010, they created a name for themselves and now have fans all over the world and locations in the USA, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

In the past, RAWROW has also collaborated with many big names like Baemin, Hoze, and now — Klairs.

So how did the collaboration come about?

Klairs x RAWROW collaboration

Both realizing the struggles of the summer, Klairs and RAWROW collaborated to create the ultimate summer beauty kit in preparation of the upcoming season.

The pouch itself was a mesh of ideas from both Klairs and RAWROW. It showcased the sturdy, useful nature of RAWROW’s designs while also displaying Klairs’ wish for the pouch to be functional in storing not only their products but also other necessary items for a perfect vacation.

Created with a light-weight material called TPE, also known as Thermoplasic Elastomer, the pouch is multi-functional and versatile. Doubling as a make-up pouch and luggage travel pouch, the collaboration between the two brands is something men and women of all ages can easily find use in.

The “Vacation Beauty Pouch” answers to the distress of the lack of effective storage of wet swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen – any summer essential – and packs it all into one, little compact pouch.

A look at the featured products

The collaboration pouch, though special in itself, also marked the exciting pre-debut of the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion.

While the official launch is close, fans on social media were excited to purchase the lotion through the set. This is the first time the public will get to test out the product first-hand even before the official launch.

As much as it is a pouch focusing on sun care and vacation preparation, it comes with all the essentials of a beautiful vacation: the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion for morning, the Midnight Blue Calming Cream for night, and the Rich Moist Soothing Mask Sheet and a special Klairs mist bottle for mid-day pampering.

Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion

This wasn’t the first collaboration with a major brand for Klairs; last year was the launch of the the “Better Than Yesterday” healthy living campaign with Baemin Fresh. Klairs has plans for further collaborations with other brands, characters, and companies.

While the “Vacation Beauty Pouch” is now only available in Korea, the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion will be released globally within the next week.