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Klairs takes Mochi to a new level in collaboration with Merry Between

Mochi meets Mochi in the collaboration between Seoul-based skincare brand, Klairs, and Korean couple application, Between.

While it might be strange that a dating application and skincare brand came together for a collaboration, understanding the connection between the brands makes the project no surprise.

The connection between Between and Klairs
(cr: Between)
Mochi Couple, the leading mascots of six original characters for Korean couple application, Between. (cr: Between)

Launched in 2012, Between has experienced immense success not only in Korea, but also in the global market, for its easy-to-use, innovative platform that allows couples to easily share their lives with one another through a virtual platform. Features like on-on-one chatting, photo storage, shared calendars and more have drawn in a global audience. Between continues to be adored by lovebirds around the world and has over 14 million global downloads, with over 40 billion messages sent and 424 million photos shared, according to an article by BeSuccess.

To make the experience more interactive, Between has created six different original characters as mascots of the brand. Featured in interactive emoticons and weekly webtoons, these characters known as Merry Between, have become the face of the app.

Of the six, the Mochi Couple are the leading ambassadors. With their pure white innocence, they stick together like peas in a pod — or in this case, like rice cakes.

Similarly, Klairs has a long history with the sweet rice cake. Their Supple Illuminating Blemish Cream has gained popularity across the web with its nickname #MochiBB, which was created as a result of the soft supple finish it gives to the skin.

 The Mochi BB meets the Mochi Couple
cushion open
An exterior/interior view of the Mochi BB Cushion Pact.

Now nearing a week since its recent Korean release, Klairs has announced their newest product: the Mochi BB Cushion Pact. It features an endearing design that spotlights Between’s leading mascot, Mochi, and has received enormous interest despite the short period it has been on the market.

With the rise in popularity of cushion foundations, also known as ‘cushion pacts’ in Korea, many brands have been entering the highly competitive market with their own versions after the product was made more popular with the global rise of K-Beauty. Taking this opportunity, the Mochi BB Cushion Pact features the widely loved #MochiBB, but with a renewed formula.

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Now in the form of an easy-to-use cushion, the Mochi BB Cushion Pact features a longer lasting formula that is resistant to sweat and dirt, making it the ultimate one-touch base makeup.

Similar to the soft, powdery exterior of a ball of Mochi, the cushion foundation makes powdering a thing of the past. Rather than using a liquid formula, the product is closer to a balm type that effectively covers pores for a photo-ready look, and can be built-up or down.

Left: Supple Illuminating Blemish Cream (MochiBB) – Right: Mochi Cushion

However, for those that don’t want this more matte finish, the solution is hidden in the cushion itself. While it may look like any other cushion foundation, the innovative formula allows individuals to control how dewy or matte the product applies.

For a more dewy look, users can start using the product right after opening it, but by simply using a cotton swab to push the foundation up and flipping the cushion inside the compact, users can increase the cushion’s coverage and get a more matte finish.

Release to the global market
The Mochi BB Cushion meets a heated response on social media (cr: @dear_klairs)
The Mochi BB Cushion meets a heated response on social media (cr: @dear_klairs)

The Mochi BB Cushion Pact is set for release in the global market later this month through, and is highly anticipated to meet great success in both Korea and the global market.

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