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Get to Know All-day Airy Sunscreen Through Reviews

Regardless of the season, UV rays are always the enemy to our skin. That’s why we should always be paying attention to sun care. 

The Dear, Klairs All-day Airy Sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays all year round and will relieve us of our worries. 

All-day Sunscreen

A Daily Sunscreen For You

The All-day Airy Sunscreen is a sun care product suitable for all skin types all year round. It is suitable for use as a daily sunscreen for *sensitive skin as well as **acne-prone skin because it does not clog pores and is less irritating. Although it provides a high sun protection of SPF 50+ PA+++, it is gentle to the skin, so you can enjoy your life under the sun with no worries.

* Primary Skin Irritation Test for Sensitive Skin completed
(Test Institution: Mariedm Skin Research Center, Test Subject: 30 women aged 22-49 with sensitive skin)

* Primary Skin Irritation Test completed
(Test Institution: Mariedm Skin Research Center, Test Subject: 31 women aged 21-48)

** Eye Irritation Test completed
(Test Institution: Global Medical Research Center, Test Subject: 32 adult men and women aged 20-59)

** Non-comedogenic Test completed
Test Institution: Mariedm Skin Research Center
Test Period: May 16th 2022~ June 17th 2022
Test Subject: 20 female applicants aged 22 to 39 with IGA facial ratings of 1 to 3 

All-day Airy Sunscreen Non-Comedogenic Test

The All-day Airy Sunscreen has been receiving love from many people since its launch. The above *survey results show that it is a product that can be easily applied every day. When asked whether it is less irritating, is moisturizing, or has no white cast, all respondents answered 100%. Today, we’re going to observe what our customers loved about the All-day Airy Sunscreen through their reviews.

*Non-Comedogenic Test, mariedm Co., Ltd. Skin Research Center
2022.05.16 ~ 6.17 l  20 female applicants aged 22 to 39 with IGA facial ratings of 1 to 3 

A light tight-fit sunscreen with no shine

light tight-fit sunscreen

A gentle daily sunscreen for every day

skin protect sunscreen

A matte sunscreen for all skin types with no stickiness

sensitive sunscreen

A strong yet gentle sunscreen with high UV protection

oily combo sunscreen

This is not the only reason the All-day Airy Sunscreen is a good fit for a daily sunscreen. Having an emulsion consistency with a high moisture essence content, it is suitable for the last step of skincare as well as the first step before makeup, so it can be used every day with no problem. You can cleanse your face quickly and easily when you return home after going out, and you can use it as a daily sunscreen with confidence as it is a certified **easy washable product.

All-day Sunscreen

Even if the season changes, the importance of sun care does not. 

We hope your skin stays the same even in the changing weather 

Spend the upcoming season with the All-day Airy Sunscreen.