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Dear, Klairs sunscreen for everyday use – New arrivals All-day Airy Sunscreen

The season of lighter clothes and lighter footsteps has returned. 

The recent sunny weather is perfect for a picnic with loved ones or going on a trip, but we also need to worry about UV rays.

On May 26th 2022, Dear, Klairs launched the “All-day Airy Sunscreen”, a mild but powerful daily sunscreen in order to keep our glistening daily lives undisturbed.

Enjoy a wonderful daily life that glistens in the sun with the All-day Airy Sunscreen, anytime and anywhere.

All-day Airy Sunscreen offers SPF Protection

‘All-day Airy Sunscreen’ is a sun care product with strong *UV protection verified by multiple clinical trials. 

The SPF50+ PA++++ UV protection protects our skin from ultraviolet rays and allows us to enjoy our daily lives with confidence.
Above all, it has a clean finish without stickiness after application, because Dear, Klairs utilized a natural emulsion system to create a thin yet strong sunscreen.
The sunscreen sticks to your skin like a lotion or essence, and it doesn’t leave a white cast or shine, so you can use it on your body or before makeup with ease.

All-day Airy Sunscreen for sensitive skin

The “All-day Airy Sunscreen” uses plant-based emulsifiers for a better application instead of commonly used emulsifier ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

The sunscreen can be used safely not only for *sensitive skin, but also around the **sensitive eye area, and it protects skin from ***redness and external irritation caused by UV rays.

*Primary Skin Irritation Test for Sensitive Skin Completed
(Institution: Mariedm Dermatology Lab, Test subject: 30 women aged 22-49 with sensitive skin)

*Primary Skin Irritation Test Completed
(Institution: Mariedm Dermatology Lab, Test subject: 31 women aged 21-48)

**Eye Irritation Test Completed
(Institution: Global Medical Research Center, Test subject: 32 men and women aged 20-59)

***Assessment of Skin Calming Effect After UV irritation
(Institution: Korea Institute of Dermatology, Test subject: 22 subjects who meet the criteria for selection and do not meet the criteria for exclusion)

How to use All-day Airy Sunscreen

Apply the “All-day Airy Sunscreen” to the skin 15~30 minutes before going outside, and reapply every 2 to 3 hours when going out for a longer period of time. Formulated with Klairs’ own recipe, the “All-day Airy Sunscreen” keeps your skin healthy and fresh from UV rays.

All day airy Sunscreen is usable every day

If you have avoided heavy, oily sun care products or you have been reluctant to use them, try the “All-day Airy Sunscreen”. Even if you apply a good amount or reapply several times, it will feel as light on your skin as if you never applied anything. Not only is it lightweight and non-greasy, it doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin.

 Light as air,
 Strong against the sun

Your daily life is always glistening.

Dear, Klairs presents the All-day Airy Sunscreen, which protects your skin from UV rays anytime, anywhere, so that you don’t miss a single moment that glistens underneath the sunlight.

With the daily sun care of Dear, Klairs, feel your daily life glisten under the sun.

Dear, Klairs will always support your well-balanced lifestyle.

All-day Airy Sunscreen is available on Wishtrend, and online stores and offline stores around the world.