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How to Find Out Your Skin Type!

Knowing what type of skin you have is helpful in getting the right skincare products! There are many factors that can play in the role of determining your skin type. Above, you will see a video that will share with you how the staff at Wish Company has been able to find out what skin type they have.

Below you will find a summary of how you can find your skin type; read on to get the details of the two simple steps that will determine your skin type!  

Skincare types:

  • Dry, normal, oily (acne-prone), combination, sensitive
Step 1:
  • As shown in the video, there is a checklist that is provided to the staff (watch the video for further information), and check the following boxes next to the statements you relate to.
  • Dry Skin: 1-4 checks
  • Normal Skin: 5-8 checks
  • Oily Skin: 9-12 checks

If you ended up with either dry or oily skin, you may also be sensitive or combination. The second step will help clarify whether you are one of the two.

Step 2:

Thoroughly cleanse your skin and when your skin is clean and dry, use an oil blotting paper on your face. Place several on your face to find out if you are:

  • Oily skin: No blotting sheets fall out
  • Combination: The sheets only stay on your forehead, nose, or chin
  • Sensitive: The sheets stay on for a little bit and then fall off
If you have…

Normal Skin – 

You are in between dryness and oiliness. Therefore, it is recommended to use gentle, yet effective products.

Dry Skin – 

Your skin tends to get flaky and is easily prone to getting wrinkles. Recommended to try using a moisturizing with a rich oil and moisture balance.


Oily Skin – 

You are dealing with over-production of oil on the face, may have acne, hyper-pigmentation that may result in your skin looking dull. Recommended to use brightening products to help even out skin tone.


Combination Skin –

You t-zone areas get oily, and dry in other parts of the face. Take of your skin properly by using the right moisturizers for the areas needed.


Sensitive Skin –

You have easily irritated skin, and is easily prone to getting whiteheads and acne. Recommended to use mild products while focusing on soothing the skin.

Remember, your skincare type may change and may fit in more than just one of these criteria! Don’t forget to be gentle with your skin when using different products. We hope that this information has been helpful for you in finding the right skincare products for your skin type! Good luck!