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Fighting seasonal allergies with the right skincare

Fighting seasonal allergies with the right skincare

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, the changing seasons means itchy skin, streaming eyes, and a stuffy nose. While going outside to enjoy the weather is ideal, the sad reality is that you’re often times left feeling that you’re confined to the safety of your home.

One of the most common forms of season allergies is hay-fever, which is caused by pollen. Typically, it’s not something you can really avoid – albeit staying indoors on high pollen-count days, and making sure to wash your face and hands when you come back from being outside can be of help.

The problem with sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, the problem of seasonal allergies can feel twice as worse. Sensitive skin is much more susceptible to irritation from external factors like allergens and toxins, vulnerable to the characteristically dry weather of allergy season, and more reactive to histamines – the substances your body produces in response to allergens.

Because sensitive skin is less able to defend itself against external aggressors, it can be left feeling even more itchy, sore and uncomfortable. Repeatedly blowing your nose, and wiping and rubbing your eyelids can make things worse, adding soreness and dryness around the nose and eyes to the list of problems.

Allergy fighting skincare

You’ve probably gone through multiple ways to tackle your allergy symptoms and feel stumped. But have you thought about how changing your skincare can make a difference? Using the right skincare products can go a long way towards making allergy season more comfortable.

While it’s important to treat allergy symptoms with antihistamines, nasal sprays, eye drops, it’s equally as important to look after the effects it can have on your skin. The delicate skin surrounding your eyes, nose, and lips take the burden of your tears, sniffles and coughs.

Stick to a gentle fragrance-free skin care range with skin calming qualities, and avoid harsh cleansers and make up removers.

Skincare that soothes

Stick to a gentle fragrance-free skin care range with skin calming qualities, and avoid harsh cleansers and make up removers.

We recommend a minimal product line up, like our Rich Moist line, which is an ultra-gentle, actively hydrating range of products with none of the “extras” like fragrance and preservatives that could potentially cause your skin to react. It works to strengthen the skin’s barrier so that it’s better defended against the external factors than could potentially trigger a reaction.

Cleanse away the symptoms

And because skin may be even more sensitive and dehydrated during allergy season, switching over to a milder cleanser and soothing cream can be a good course of action to diffuse the redness around your nose.

The Gentle Black Deep Cleaning Oil followed by the Rich Moist Cleansing Foam is a super gentle, but crazy moisturizing option that is perfect for dry, irritated skin.

Reduce skin sensitivity at night

Between the tears that cloud your eyes and the countless times you wipe them away, your eyes are especially hit hard by allergies. While skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate parts of your body and constantly needs special care, it needs extra care during this time of environmental stress.

The same goes for the skin around your nose, which is left stripped of moisture from the constant use of tissues, which can chafe at the skin without any additional hydrating moisture.

Because the skin most actively repairs itself at night, it is then that is optimal to reduce the skin’s sensitivity and signs of irritation.

Use products like the Midnight Blue Calming Cream has been specially formulated for overnight use so that you can wake up to skin that feels fully rested, deeply hydrated, soothed, and free of discomfort. Its key ingredient, guaiazulene – commonly used to treat burns and wounds, gives the skin what it needs to help repair itself overnight.

Allergy season doesn’t have to mean a puffy red face and flaky, dry skin. Make the first step towards a more comfortable allergy season by making the switch to the right skin care.