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Dear, Klairs Launched Low-Irritation ‘Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil’ For Daily Usage

– A Mild Plant Oil With 85% of the Ingredients From Natural Origin
That Could Be Used Every Day Without Irritation
– A Product With a ‘Fresh Light Texture’ Consisted of Only Six Ingredients
and Passed Primary Irritation Test for Sensitive Skin Types

Skincare brand·content·commerce corporation Wishcompany (CEO Soungho Park) announced on the 15th that its sensitive skincare brand Dear, Klairs has launched ‘Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil.’

The new product ‘Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil’ contains a large amount of plant oil extracted from natural ingredients. Using sunflower seed oil that controls sebum and soothes the skin as the main base, the cleansing oil includes plant-based oil with a light texture and great spreadability such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, blackcurrant seed oil. Plant oil consists of up to 85% of its ingredients that melt the makeup and impurities down without skin irritation.

Consisted of 6 mild ingredients only, ‘Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil’ shows a light, fresh texture, unlike other cleansing oil products with a heavy thick finish in general.

Especially when ‘Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil’ contacts with water, it emulsifies quickly and finishes fresh without any residual feeling after cleansing. It is recommended not only for oily skin types who avoided oil cleanser due to its heavy texture but also for all people who want to care for their dead skin cells and use oil cleanser daily.

Furthermore, the product passed the primary irritation test for human bodies and sensitive skin, indicating that it could be used even for sensitive skin types. The product is unscented that could be for those who mind fragrances or essential oil.

Dear, Klairs holds a discount event as a celebration of the new product. You can get a 15% off for purchasing ‘Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil’ from the

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