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[Dear, Klairs x Lindungi Hutan] TONERS FOR TONS OF MANGROVES

[Dear, Klairs x Lindungi Huntan]

Dear, Klairs Indonesia just launched Daily Skin Softening Water on January 25th. Now that finally the Daily Skin Softening Water and Hydrating Water are available, Dear, Klairs Indonesia also commit to its collaboration with Lindungi Hutan – a fundraising platform for forest and environment conservation – to donate one mangrove for every purchase of the Daily Skin Water Line.



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The mangroves will be planted in Tambakrejo, the northernmost village in the Gayamsari District, Semarang City, Central Java Province, Indonesia. This area is prone to flooding. Because it is located in a coastal area, Tambakrejo is often affected by coastal abrasion. The Java Sea waves slowly erode Tambakrejo land and threaten the fishermen’s residence. Waste also contributes to environmental problems around the Tambakrejo Coast. The waste continues to accumulate, causing pollution of water, air, and soil for the surrounding community. At the same time, exacerbating the rob which hit Tambakrejo, due to the flow of water that is blocked by various kinds of waste that pooled.

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There are many solutions that can be done to save settlements around Tambakrejo including the ecosystem in it. One of them is by planting mangroves which are considered effective to strengthen the Tambakrejo coastline as has been done by the community of farmers.

With this collaboration, lindungi hutan is committed to carry out forest planting project and pledged in maintaining the forest supported by Dear, Klairs Indonesia from a portion of each sales of Daily Skin Softening Water and Hydrating Water for the next 6 months.

About Lindungi Hutan  It’s a fund-raising platform for forest and environmental conservation.



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