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Introducing the Near & Dear, Klairs Project

Dear,Klairs Supports Sustainability
The Near & Dear, Klairs Project.✨

Since the establishment of Dear Klairs, we have been passionate about sustainability, being cruelty free and vegan friendly. We’ve consistently voiced our opposition to animal testing, especially in countries where animal testing is still being done.

As a result, last year, Klairs was recognized as the first and second vegan cosmetics brand by the Korea Vegan Certification Institute for the first time in Korea.  Klairs has grown into a brand that exports to 40 countries around the world. We have won 81 awards domestically and internationally. Last year, we opened our first flagship store, Klairs Seoul. 

In our efforts to spread awareness about animal cruelty and sustainability, we started the Near & Dear Klairs project. The goal of the project is to partner with eco-friendly, zero-waste, and vegan friendly F&B brands in Korea, and together, we want to empower and encourage people to practice sustainability. 

The Near & Dear Klairs project also supports our partner F&B brands by giving a set of Klairs Daily Comfort Hand Cream and Hand Wash. So far, we have partnered with a total of eight brands in 25 locations.

We are planning to expand our project to the U.S., Philippines, Singapore and other countries. Klairs believes that small changes can make a big impact in the world, and we promise to do everything we can to prioritize sustainability. Find Klairs Near You 🙂

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🌿 Dear, Klairs partners 🌿

① Eco-Friendly Coffee Delivery ‘HERE YOU GO’    

② Your Personal Coffee Guide ‘BEAN BROTHERS’

③ Vegan Restaurant ‘MONK’s BUCHER’

④ Vegan-Friendly Bar ‘HOWL IN THE BAR’

⑤ A Space for City Dwellers ‘Dohwa APT.’

⑥ Vegan friendly restaurant ‘base is nice’

⑦ Vegan Fusion Restaurant ‘CAFE SIVA’

⑧ Slow Cafe ‘YAWN’

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