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Into the World Ep.02: And The Award Goes to… Dear, Klairs!

Since its launch in 2010, Dear, Klairs has been meeting customers through 200 online channels in over 40 countries. Dear, Klairs has received over 80 awards starting at Korea and the United States, to the UK, Finland, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and more. The awarded products were not just one or two specific products but around 10 various products. We created a video called <Into the World: And the Award Goes to… Dear, Klairs> so these achievements can be shared at a glance.

Dear, Klairs has received over 80 awards!

The product which received the most awards was none other than the infamous Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. It is a gentle, moisturizing toner that was awarded with 17 trophies on its own. The second product with the most awards is the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop with 12 awards. It is a transparent essence-consistency serum with stabilized pure vitamin C. Both products are products that surpass a total of 2 million bottles in sales in 2021.

Dear, Klairs will continue to work hard on making quality products.

Dear, Klairs will be sharing the process of the brand’s growth and change in a video series called ‘Into the World’. Please look forward to our growth as we reach out to our global customers.

You can watch <Into the world EP.01> here.

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