Dear, Klairs


Klairs to step into the vegan cosmetic market in the future

100% vegetarian. 100% cruelty-free. 100% committed to becoming a vegan, animal-friendly brand.

Although not a vegan cosmetic brand as of yet, Klairs has been against animal testing and has believed in relying on plant-based ingredients to formulate their products since their foundation in 2010.

100% vegetarian ingredients

klairs no animal testing
The Klairs pledge against animal testing

Lately, Korean cosmetics has been exploring the world of animal-derived ingredients. Snail mucin, horse oil, and honey are only a few of the ingredients that have been boasted to have amazing effects on the skin. As the Korean cosmetic market is one that is constantly on the move, these novelty, animal-based ingredients have become somewhat of a vehicle for brands to set themselves apart from other competing  brands and products.

However, Klairs has been doing the opposite. New developments and constant research is being done in order to move Klairs in the direction of producing fully vegan cosmetics. “Simple but enough,” Klairs recognizes the power of staying minimal and true to the essence of things, especially when it comes to skincare.

In Korea, where it is not as common to find vegan brands, Klairs recognizes the greater responsibility they hold to not only be good to the skin but also to the environment and the animals that inhabit our earth.

Presently, about 80% of their products are suitable for vegans. Formulas are based on plant-derived ingredients like Centella extract, black sugar and black sesame oil, to name a few.

These vegetarian formulas and ingredients have been proven to be just as effective, if not more effective than animal-derived ingredients, based on continuous research Klairs conducts on their product formulas and individual components.

Cruelty-free and animal-friendly 

Starting from their foundation in 2010, Klairs has vowed to never test on animals.

In 2013, and again in 2016, Klairs products were approved by the Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) as a cruelty-free brand.

Although Korea is making changes to mandate animal-testing as illegal by 2018, consumers also need to be aware of what countries their favorite brand is exporting to. Because China requires that all products be tested on animals before being put on the market, Klairs does not export to China.

cruelty free
KARA approved animal-friendly companies as of Mar. 2016 based on two categories (cruelty-free/does not export to China)

Current developments to become a vegan cosmetic brand

Klairs is well on their way to becoming fully vegan in every aspect of their production.

While in the past, Klairs products contained components like snail mucin and beeswax, the only animal-derived ingredient used in their products currently is honey due to its beneficial properties for the skin.

Klairs is always researching ways to reformulate or replace this ingredient with one that is vegan.

Klairs is fully transparent with their ingredients and their testing procedures. All products have a clearly marked ingredient label so that consumers can make informed choices when buying from Klairs and be aware of what is going into their skincare.

As Klairs continues to develop their products and grow in popularity, they are not losing view of their promise to the earth and are working to one day become known as a vegan skincare company.

Until then, find more information about Klairs through their Korean homepage orWishtrend, the official e-commerce site for Wishcompany, who produces Klairs.