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Klairs finds success in the Taiwanese beauty market

As the Korean cosmetic industry is gaining global recognition, Klairs has slowly but steadily been spreading across the world.

Especially in Southeast Asia, where Korean culture made a definite impact, requests came in for Klairs to enter through personalized vendors.

Taiwan’s cosmetic market

Compared to 3.9% for the US and 2.1% for the UK, South Korea is one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty and personal care markets with a one-year growth of 5.8%, according to Mintel findings. Through the Hallyu Wave, Korean culture as a whole has also been gaining popularity within the last few years and has risen as one of the most popular tourist destination for the Taiwanese middle-class.

As living standards increased in Taiwan, changes in consumption patterns came about with an influx in interest in personal care products. The boom of Korean skincare and cosmetics among the Taiwanese community fueled the rise of Korean beauty the Taiwanese community, however, with the food scandal of 2014, Taiwanese consumers began to be more aware of what kind of products they used. This increase desire to look after skin while simultaneously using products that are eco-friendly and chemical-free set off the natural cosmetic market proving that it was much more than a niche.

Sales of natural cosmetics increased 20% compared to the average 2% for regular cosmetics and Taiwanese interest in Klairs started to grow over the last few years due to their reputable name in Korea and other countries for their effective, gentle and natural cosmetics.

The influence of social media

Klairs knew if they entered Taiwan, they had to do so with a bang to compete with foreign competition. However, they had many strong points that would help them succeed.

First of all, Klairs had already established a large international following in the past few years through their global channels and their main Korean social media channels. As users of the brand increased, satisfied customer reviews made their way up on social media, letting more people learn about the brand and ensuing a cycle of satisfied customers, social media reviews, and increased brand awareness.

Although people all over the world united through their mutual appreciation for Klairs, language, culture, and accessibility to products and information inevitably divided them. Soon enough, requests appeared on Klairs social media with hashtags #dearklairs#klairs #wishtrend, requesting that Klairs be available in other parts of Asia.

Marketing strategies

A look at Wishtrend’s Taiwanese homepage

Seeing the power of social media in their marketing strategies, Klairs announced their entrance into the Taiwanese beauty market in March 2014 through the opening of a Taiwan-based Klairs Instagram and Facebook,  and the creation of Wishtrend Taiwan and Klairs Taiwan. Furthermore, Klairs secured partnerships with popular online retailers Momo Shop and PChome, sites very much similar to Amazon in the US.

This greatly worked as an advantage to Klairs’ presence in Taiwan as they were able to localize their products and reach out to a target audience with a language and format that they were familiar with. To further close the gap between brand and consumer base, Klairs Taiwan launched the “Beauty Wall”, a collection of Taiwanese customer reviews and photographs , on their homepage.

Understanding their strength as a natural gentle skincare would be their strong point, their imaging on social media was purposeful.

As with any global promotion, Klairs focused on brand advertising and imaging. Reaching out to a younger audience, they started their first campaign with the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream.

This greatly boosted their awareness and established themselves as a trustworthy, natural cosmetic brand that is high-quality yet affordable.

Taiwan’s response to Klairs

New fans and old fans alike expressed excitement that they could purchase their favorite products through familiar channels in a language comfortable to them. They took to social media, such as Klairs Taiwan, and shared their satisfied responses online, once again reaffirming the quality of Klairs.

With their constant marketing and localization of their products through use of social media and Wishtrend Taiwan, Klairs is gradually rising in popularity within the last two years in Taiwan. One of the highlights of their Taiwanese career was their feature in Choc magazine. The Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask was praised for it’s hydrating and moisturizing properties in the April 2015 issue, starting another wave of interest in Klairs.

Conversation through online media heightened the awareness of Klairs as a brand and showed the power of consumer responses.

Taiwan beauty influencers
A few of the Instagram reviews left by Taiwanese Klairs users

The global future of Klairs

Strengthened by the influx of positive feedback, Klairs plans further marketing campaigns with social media influencers and popular retailers.

Starting out as a small brand in 2009, Klairs never imagined they would successfully establish themselves in 15 countries worldwide. Klairs hopes to continue to reach out across the globe and provide people with a solution to their skincare needs.

If Klairs is yet in your local area, visit their homepage or Wishtrend, the official online retailer of Klairs.