Dear, Klairs




Glowpick, a Korean cosmetic review mobile application, did a survey on 600,000 Korean costumers to research Korean and foreign cosmetics.

Glowpick is an application where you can see the costumer’s review of the product along with the capacity, price, effect in just one simple click and 98% of Glowpick’s users are Korean women. Women in their teens to 40’s-50’s use this application, but the average age is 23.8 years old.

They wanted to make sure of a fair ranking so they added the number of people who did the survey and their scores together for rankings of categories. From the reviews from 600,000 costumers, they have 36 categories of cosmetic ranking. They introduced Top 10 items based on currently loved items by the costumers and their reviews from the data that was taken the last 6 months.

The chosen products were ranked from the numbers of the views of the products to how many reviews were added to each product. Besides the Top 10 items, they asked the costumers to rank the products by 5 points. They calculated these points and also introduced the products.

Since the weather is continuously very dry and cold, there are many costumers looking for cosmetics with rich moisturizing effect. Color cosmetics with large amounts of moisture are becoming more popular.

Today, I wanted to share information to those of you who are looking for which best BB cream to buy.



Dr. Jart, Silver Label BB cream is at the 1st place with the highest number of views. But from the costumers who have actually used the product, they have ths start points of 3.71 which is in the lowerer rank. The point I wanted to make is that Klair’s BB cream that I have on right now at this moment and also that I have recommend so many times was ranked at 6th place from the number of views and reviews of the 600,000 costumers. And from the costumers who have actually used it, it was given 4.04 star points so we can actually say that it was really suppose to ranked 4th place! Adding to that, if we compare the prices of BB creams, it’s very affordable at $19.99. We can say that from the similar priced BB creams, Klair’s BB cream is at #1 spot. Isn’t that amazing? There’s a reason I have recommend this BB cream so many times and I know for those of you who have used it, really know why I love it so much. That’s not all!



You guys all know the famous beauty description box, Mimi Box right? Klair’s BB cream is also sold in Korea Mimi Box and recently it was ranked #1 for the BB cream part in Memebox.




Then let me share why this Klair’s BB cream is loved! It’s actually very simple, if you just try it, you will know right away! Klair’s BB cream feels literally like a moisturizing cream. When you put it on, it’s very soft and it is not too mat. Some BB creams have this greyish tone but this doesn’t have that at all so it gives you a more natural skin tone like your own. It doesn’t cover as well as a concealer but it does definitely give you the natural look. It’s not too thick or it doesn’t look like you have a lot of makeup on. It kinda looks like you have just great natural skin. After putting on Klair’s BB cream, if you use a spot concealer for freckles or blemishes or acne scars, then it gives you that perfect look as if you don’t have much make up on, but your natural skin looks flawless. My personal tip is if you don’t have a concealer or if you forget your concealer at home, just dap a little chunk of Klair’s BB cream on to your finger and to your acne scars. Let it dry and do your eye makeup, and when it dries, just dab it a little for it to blend it with your skin and wala! It will be a perfect emergency concealer! Adding on, it covers your blemishes, pores, and wrinkles naturally, and it lasts a long time. Other BB creams, after some time, it turns your skin tone a bit dark but Klair’s BB cream doesn’t do that. I think the strong point of this BB cream is in the texture! Because the texture is so soft of the rich moisture, it’s perfect to carry around and when you want to retouch your makeup, you can go ahead and put more on. Oh, I forgot to mention something important also! Many BB creams make you break out but this BB cream doesn’t make you break out! If you have trouble with acne, I know how hard it is to find a BB cream that doesn’t make you break out. I think these are the reasons why I fell in love with this BB cream and I use it every single day! I think you guys need to try it right away!



For those of you who are worried that the BB cream might not fit your tone! I have prepared this video for you guys, check your tone! I really hoped that you will find a BB cream that it perfect for you! I think because of the weather these days, it is better to find a BB cream that’s rich in moisture and also that is affordable. I want to recommend Klair’s BB cream. Just try it and you will see why I fell in love with it!