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Klairs takes an innovative approach to cushion refills

One of happiest moments in a beauty lover’s life is opening a brand new cushion foundation and taking out a pristine puff for that first press in, and the thrill of having that perfect circular imprint of foundation. But, the very thing that gives so much happiness to many soon becomes the very thing that gives an immense amount of sadness: pressing into your beloved cushion only to face a dry puff that comes back with little to no product. #needcushionrefill

Coming from the perspective of a beauty and skincare addict – we feel you 100%.

cushion refills

Even before our Mochi BB Cushion was released, we received so many questions regarding the possible availability of a cushion refill. Because we were so thankful for the influx of positive response regarding the cushion (with so many individuals labeling it their #holygrail!), we wanted to provide everyone with the perfect refill option, and set out on how we can make the experience better.

“Couldn’t you have released a refill sooner? Why did it take so long?” Both great questions. When creating our refills, we thought the most about the downsides of cushion foundations: 1) The relatively high cost, and 2) the excessive amount of plastic waste due to the conventional pop-in-pop-out format of cushion refills. The result was simple: sachet type refill pouches that would 1) reduce costs so that everyone can enjoy the cushion at a friendlier price point, and 2) reduce the amount of plastic being produced and thrown away.

Coming in a convenient, reusable Klairs PVC pouch were 2 refill sachets, 2 new sponges, and 2 new cushion puffs. And while it may seem like a lot of work, it really is possible in 1,2,3.

Simply throw away the used sponge from the container and wipe it clean, pour the contents of one sachet into the now clean cushion, insert the new sponge and voila!

And, let’s face it: cushion foundation refills are expensive. While some may advocate the conventional cushion refill to be more satisfying in giving that “new product” feel, the same experience can be had with the refill sachets, because in essence, everything from the sponge to cushion to product is new. Also, affordable definitely doesn’t mean cheap. One sachet contains more than enough product to last another few months, and with two packets contained in the refill kit, there’s plenty to go around for you and a friend.

Finally, that thrill of pressing into a new cushion is now possible with the Mochi BB Cushion.