Dear, Klairs


Klairs, Launches 2 Products in ‘Fundamental Line’ for Summer Hydrating Care

– ‘Fundamental Ampule Mist,’ containing 82% Green tea water from Jeju Island, and ‘Fundamental Watery Oil Drop,’ high in Peptide

– Prevents moisture loss from the hot UV rays and dry indoors air conditioning


‘dear, Klairs,’ a skincare brand for sensitive skin from Wishcompany (CEO Soungho Park), a beauty brand·contents development corporation, launches a new fundamental line and released two new products, Fundamental Ampule Mist, and Fundamental Watery Oil Drop.

The first product, Fundamental Ampule Mist can be characterized by containing green tea water from Jeju Island, not purified water. Green tea ingredients with antioxidizing effects deliver moisture and nutrients to the skin, able to make a glass skin from the within. Along with the green tea water, it uses plant-extracted ingredients that have soothing effects such as cucumber, okra, and mugwort, together with kelp extracts, a natural moisturizer, completing a smooth and dewy skin texture with just a few spritzes, without having to layer it on. It is an oil-free, water-based product, and as it reduces stickiness and increases hydration, making it a good substitute for toner during the summer season.

The second product, Fundamental Watery Oil Drop, is an oil-like moisturizing serum that contains freshness of non-sticky moisture and nutrients of an ampule in oil texture. It is formulated for dry skin types that need to use oil even during the summer, it has a unique texture and contains ‘oil’ in its name, although it is a moisturizing serum. It also contains Jeju green tea water along with enzyme extracts that deliver nutrients to the skin and high in peptide concentration, it helps to keep the skin healthy by preventing moisture loss caused by hot UV rays and air conditioning. It does not have the thickness or the oiliness of oil texture, making it possible to do a light and fresh moisturizing care during the summer.

The new Fundamental Line from Klairs has a high concentration of effective ingredients that add healthiness on the skin while staying on the skin for a long time. It is not a concept ingredient that only contains the useful ingredient less than 1%, the product actually contains 82% of effective ingredient, making it possible to feel strong hydration and antioxidizing effects. Especially, Klairs is a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free brand, and does not conduct animal testing and avoids using materials from animals.

Song Lee, Klairs Brand Manager, who was in charge of developing these new products states, “All products from Klairs are suitable for comfortable use even on sensitive skin, and anyone who wants moisture and comfort on the skin can use these new products as well” and “Fundamental Ampule Mist and Fundamental Watery Oil Drop have been developed through a long process of research and experimentation, and created to feel actual hydration by selectively containing high concentrations of highly moisturizing plant-extracted ingredients.”


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