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Dear, Klairs: Selected as the ‘Best Skincare Brand of the Year’from the Costume Awards 2020 in Norway

On the 15th of October, Dear, Klairs was honored with the ‘Best Skincare Brand of the Year’ in the Costume Awards 2020.

Best Skincare Brand of the Year, Norway Costume Awards 2020
Dear, Klairs: Best Skincare Brand of the Year, Norway Costume Awards 2020

The Costume Awards is known as the most important celebration in the Norwegian fashion and beauty industry hosted by Costume Magazine, Norway’s largest fashion magazine. This year, a total of 10 brands, including Dear, Klairs, were nominated for the ‘Best Skincare Brand’ category.

Dear, Klairs has been making ties in Norway since 2016 with our exclusive partner ‘Soel AS’. Suzanne Enger and Helene Eliza, our partners who run Soel AS, noted in a 2016 interview that their goal in five years is to make Klairs the best Choice in Norway when it comes to skincare. And they achieved their goal in less than five years.

Starting with Norway’s major drugstore ‘Vitusapotek,’ Dear, Klairs began expanding its sales channels such as BliVakker, one of Norway’s leading beauty e-commerce channels, from 2019. Along with Klairs’ 2nd global million-seller ‘Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop,’ ‘Rich Moist Soothing Cream’ is the best-selling product in Norway.

By receiving this meaningful award, it is proven that Dear, Klairs continues to grow not only in Korea but also in overseas markets for customers with sensitive skin types and in need of ‘Simple, but enough’ skincare products.

To learn more about Dear, Klairs’ best-selling products in Norway, click here to visit our official retail shops.