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K-Beauty Show Bangalore 2016

For one day, the city of Bangalore, India, was alive with the merging of cultures at the 2016 annual K-Beauty Show. Of the few brands present at the exposition was Klairs, a quickly growing Seoul-based skincare brand that is gaining fame for their gentle but effective options in skincare.

K Beauty show 2016
Klairs CEO, Ryan Soungho Park, speaks with local buyers
Why India?

As the Korean Wave is making its move across the world, Korea has made a name for themselves on a global scale not only through the boom of names like Psy and the ubiquitous appearance of dishes like bulgogi in restaurants across the world, but also their constantly growing beauty industry.

Apart from the grey scale nature of Seoul’s cityscape, a sub-culture of beauty geeks galore are finding safety in the ubiquitous beauty stores that are scattered across the nation. Lauded for their low-cost but high-quality nature, the Korean mentality and importance of beauty and self-care has allowed K-Beauty to take on a name of its own. And while this spread has been largely organic, the growing interest in the beauty market in India has heads turning.

“India’s cosmetics market is reportedly growing at 15-20 percent annually, twice as fast as that of the US and European markets,” Massooma, Editor at New Age Salon & Spa magazine and knowledge partner for ‘International Beauty Mart’ (IBM) 2014  said in a statement. “Over the last five years, cosmetics products have seen a growth of 60 percent.”

This is not only due to the fact that 65% of the population is below the age of 35 and 50% below that of 25, according to a repost by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), or the fact that India’s overall population is earning and spending more money than in the past, but because of the boom of the Indian film industry. Skincare is now being seen as the door to the path to looking like their on-screen idols.

Klairs takes Bangalore


Not settling for anything less, the Indian population is searching for beauty that is innovative and fresh.

Because of this, K-Beauty Show Bangalore 2016 gathered a whopping 200 guests to the one day event, which took place on November 8. From makeup artists, influencers, distributers and buyers, the conference hall was alive with conversation and hopes for K-beauty to bloom in India.

For their natural, gentle approach on the otherwise overly-glam and glitzy of Korean cosmetics, Klairs received much attention from local buyers and distributors and saw an uplifting response from the many visitors to their booth.

Incorporating the natural brightening and rejuvenating effects of Vitamin C in the form of a gentle but effective serum, locals were drawn to the the best-selling Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum. Their focus on enhancing beauty through taking care of the skin also shone in their great response to the Midnight Blue Calming Cream.

First drawn to the cream’s unique blue color, a natural phenomena from the incorporation of Guaiazulene – an extract of Chamomile that carries soothing properties -, people stayed for the innovative approach the cream took on the creation and formulation of skincare.

With an even greater continued interest from the Indian public, Klairs can expect to see further growth.

Until then, all Klairs products are available for international sale online at, or through any one of their various international partners.

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