Dear, Klairs


A look back on the best of K-Beauty in 2016


As 2016 is coming to a close, it’s time we take time to think back to all of the good times we’ve spent and what the defining moments of the year was.

As with anything K-Beauty is always changing and growing each year. While we’re looking forward to all the new trends 2017 will bring, we’ve organized a list of the most prominent beauty trends that were served up this past year in 2016 in the world of Korean beauty.

1. 1 Day 1 Sheet Mask

The concept of doing one sheet mask a day was completely new to 2016. So many people became devoted to this trend, that a new phrase ‘1일1팩’ (1 Day 1 Pack – or sheet mask, as those in the states call it) was coined.

Pretty soon, Korean celebrities attributed their flawless skin to ‘1 Day 1 Sheet Mask’ through popular television shows, and using a sheet mask every day became a widespread skincare phenomena that quickly found its way outside of Korea to mainstream skincare.

Because sheet masks come in many forms, these are quick, easy, effective treatments that can be done at the comfort of one’s home without investing a lot of time, resources and money. From brightening sheet masks, to those that calm and soothe the skin, the possibilities are endless.

2. Non-touring

Contrary to the dramatic makeup looks created by the rise of the contouring and strobing trends in 2015, the year of 2016 was defined by softer looks created from an emphasis placed on light makeup. While shading and highlighting is still very much a part of the Korean beauty routine, non-touring was the answer to those who found the previous trend too excessive for their daily look.

Because Korean makeup has long been defined by dewy skin and have been labeled the masters of the no-makeup-makeup look, non-touring was the perfect answer.

Just like its name, non-touring refers to adding depth to the face by emphasizing a fresh, healthy face and spotlighting certain important features of the face. To give a boost to the skin, people have also been adding Vitamin C serums to their routines to give their skin a radiant base.

Because Korean makeup has long been defined by dewy skin and a no-makeup-makeup look, this is a trend that can be expected to stay for the new year.

3. Beauty in multi-functionality

In the innovative world of K-Beauty, it was common to see makeup products that doubled as skincare products, and skincare products that went the extra mile.

From cushion foundations that not only provide coverage but also have  SPF protection, brightening and wrinkle care properties, to oil cleansers that remove makeup, oil and sebum, while nourishing and moisturizing the skin, these products have make skincare much easier and accessible to the average Seoul-city goer.

4. Focus on natural ingredients

Moving beyond the flashy appeal of many products out on the market, many consumers started to place a larger emphasis on the ingredients of their skincare.

This change in approach to skincare came in the form of a more natural take on skincare. Scrubs with natural walnut shells, toners that soothe with the help of herbs like centella asiatica, and creams that calm irritation through infusions of chamomile extracts.

The focus on ‘real’ ingredients have far upped the game in skincare, and can be seen continuing on into the new year in the world of K-Beauty.

5. Rise of Wanghong

The K-Beauty market has also greatly been impacted by the global market it is in.

With the rise of the Chinese market, the influence of Chinese social media celebrities has been apparent in media trends. ‘Wanghong’ is their name.

Through live broadcasting apps, various Korean beauty brands have been gaining fans in China and around the world, and with the Wanghong mark of approval, thousands of people are now putting their trust in real life people rather than the beauty cover model that used to be the main faces of many Korean skincare and makeup brands.

With the many new changes in beauty everyday, we can hope to see a brighter future of K-Beauty in 2017. Stay tuned with Klairs to see what the future has in store!