Dear, Klairs


Are you sheet masking correctly?

While their overseas debut was fairly recent, sheet masking has become a global beauty trend that has made its way to be featured from worldwide icons like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. It’s simple and easy – the two of the most alluring things about this skincare innovation – allowing beautiful skin in just 20 minutes or less. But, following a few rules of thumb will work to maximize the effects of your sheet mask. Read on to find out more!

1. What comes before or after is equally as important as the mask itself.

Surprisingly, we get a lot of questions on where the sheet mask should fall in a skincare routine. Because sheet masks are fortified with serums that are designed to penetrate and nourish the skin, we want to use them on a clean, makeup-free face.

In essence (no pun intended), when using sheet masks, think of your routine like this: 1) cleansing, 2) toning, 3) sheet masking, 4) moisturizing.

If perhaps you’re overdue for an exfoliating session, getting rid of the backlog of dead skin cells, oil and sebum that can act as an unwanted  barrier on the skin will help for the sheet mask’s goodness to be more deeply absorbed.

Sheet masks can also act as a lock for the products you might have applied before it. For example, lock-in the effects of Vitamin C serums like the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum,

2. Stick to the directions – they’re there for a reason.

With skincare, people tend to be a little too generous with the amount of product they use because they know that it’s so good.  But this is where the complications turn out. With anything, less is more – especially so with sheet masks.

Typically, the directions at the back of the package will suggest you use the mask for 15-20 minutes, at most. Even we have to admit that it’s temping to mask for even 5 more minutes in hopes of soaking up a little more of the nourishing serum.

However, this won’t actually do anything good for your skin. If anything, as the sheet mask dries it will take the skin’s moisture along with it, leaving the face drier than before and full of regret.

3. Make it a habit to check the ingredient list.

With the strong demand in sheet masks of late, they now come in an array of variations. Hydro-gel, bio-cellulose, cotton? Brightening, soothing, moisturizing?

Because sheet masks are made to directly work on the skin, hugging the contours of the face, it’s crucial that you check the mask is of high quality. Starting from the materials, make sure the sheet is unbleached and 100% cotton, so as to prevent any irritation. For example, masks like the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask are durable and thick so they don’t fall of the face (which usually equates to the mask being unable to deliver nutrients to the skin as thoroughly as one that fits snugly).

But even more important than the actual sheet is of course, the serum itself.

Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, centella asiatica, green tea, aloe and more are all examples of active ingredients that are beneficial to the skin – read up on the latest skincare trends so you can decipher which ones work for you personally.

4. Multi-task, multi-mask.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with your sheet masks. Each part of the face is different in its needs, sensitivity and its overall condition, so make sure to listen to your skin and cater to it. Find an eye mask that works well, or in the case of chapped lips, deck yourself out with some cute, cherry red lip packs!

The 15-20 minutes spent masking should overall be maximized with the right products for the ultimate glow-up.

5. Not a drop to waste.

Finally, as you’re nearing the end of your session, you might be faced with either, 1) a still-moist sheet mask, or 2) a dried out piece of cotton (refer to point 3 on why looking at ingredients are key!), and 3) a bag full of serum.

With sheet masks, there really is nothing that should go to waste. After taking off the sheet mask, give your hands a little rub together to heat them up and pat the face using upwards motions to allow product to absorb. While doing this, it’s also helpful to massage the temples, cheekbones, the neck going up to the jawbone, and earlobes. Because the serum is optimized to deliver nourishing moisture to the skin, it can really be used on any part of the body as an extra layer of hydration.

So now that you’ve read the proper way to make the most out of your sheet mask, put down your phone and take a nice relaxing break with one of your own.