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Dear, Klairs ‘Fundamental Line’ in Olive Young Global Mall

Dear, Klairs ‘Fundamental Line’ in Olive Young Global Mall

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Dear, Klairs products are now found at CJ Olive Young Global Mall!

Since February, all products of the skincare brand Dear, Klairs(hereinafter Klairs)’ Fundamental Line have entered CJ Olive Young Global Mall.

A total of 11 products starting with the ‘Fundamental Line’ that allows you to decide the order of application according to your skin’s concerns, followed by the 2020 Allure Cica Cream award winning ‘Blue Calming Cream’, and the 500mL ‘Daily Skin Softening Water’ can be found in the Olive Young Global Mall.

klairs Olive YoungKlairs has won more than 20 domestic and foreign awards over the past year, showcasing its potential as a global beauty brand. Last October, Klairs was honored as Norway’s leading fashion and beauty magazine Custom Magazine’s Best Skincare Brand of the Year, and proved its popularity by setting a record of ranking second in total sales of Vietnam’s Watson’s in just two years after its launch.

Klairs is expecting to strengthen its position through the Olive Young Global Mall, which is currently open for consumers in more than 150 countries, and to meet more diverse customers in the future.

Meanwhile, Olive Young Global Mall is offering discounts to celebrate the launching of Klairs. If you haven’t had the Klairs experience yet, it can now be found at the Olive Young Global Mall!