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Dear, Klairs Receives the 2021 A.N.D. Awards for Best Digital Advertising

Dear, Klairs Award the “2021 A.N.D. Awards for Best Digital Advertising”

– Collaboration with 10 eco-friendly brands and 28 companies

– Plans for global expansion in Chicago and Singapore

Dear, Klairs announced on the 27th that their campaign, “Near & Dear, Klairs” won the 2021 A.N.D. Awards (Awards For New Digital Award) in the digital advertising and cosmetics campaign category.

The A.N.D. Awards are organized by the Korea Digital Enterprise Association and officially sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Promotion Corporation. The A.N.D. Awards selects brands and projects that have made a significant contribution to the digital industry throughout the year, and is determined through a three-step rigorous review by field experts, industry CEOs, and external professionals.

The award-winning Near & Dear, Klairs campaign was a campaign that provided a set of two Klairs hand-care products free of charge to Vegan & Eco-Friendly stores that practice sustainability. The campaign was praised by A.N.D. Awards for naturally branding and collaborating with other brands without using undergoing costly marketing measures such as advertising costs and influencer marketing. 

An official from KLAIRS stated, “The purpose of Near & Dear, Klairs was to promote solidarity among companies that care about corporate social responsibility. Klairs will continue to practice sustainability.” 

Meanwhile, Klairs was founded in Seoul in 2010 and is steadily working on projects to help build a more sustainable society. In celebration of the recent achievement of surpassing 2 million bottles in sales of the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, entire proceeds from the Vitamin Drop sales from September 14 to October 31 will be donated to the  Beagle Rescue Network. More information on Klairs donation projects can be found on the website

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