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Spain: Glamour, Mar 2018 Part.2

Klairs featured in Glamour

The Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream and the Mochi BB Cushion has recently been featured in a Glamour Spain article.

Klairs is making headlines globally particularly in the European regions such as Spain. In Glamour’s article titled, “10 Korean Cosmetic Products that You Should Own “, Glamour shared their top makeup and skincare product recommendations to achieve glowy skin.

Out of the ten products mentioned in Glamour, two were Klairs – Calming Cream and the Mochi Cushion – to implement into your beauty skincare routine. The blue cream was described as the best to use in the evening to regenerate the skin with ingredients like guaiazulene. Then they also suggested the Mochi BB cushion for its ability to neutralize red tones and for the easy-to-carry packaging.

The Klairs Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream and the Mochi BB Cushion is available for purchase on, or through any one of Klairs’ international retailers.

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