Dear, Klairs


Donation: Stay with US (2021)

7th Fundraising Project
Stay With Us

In 2018, Dear, Klairs carried out the donation project “Stay Beagley!”. 

The project was created to treat and sponsor testing beagles and other dogs in labs that are sacrificed in animal testing. Thanks to all of the customers who participated in this project, we were able to donate the entire sales proceeds to Beagle Rescue Network Korea.

However, there are still many animals suffering from illegal dog farms and private shelters in poor conditions. In order to provide a better environment for suffering animals that are disrespected of their basic animal rights, we conducted the “Stay with US” project in the Republic of Korea.

Dear, Klairs donated the proceeds from the sales of the “Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop” sold in the Dear, Klairs official mall and Klairs Seoul throughout September 14th to October 31st of 2021.

Thanks to the many people who sympathized with the cause and participated, the total sales of the product reached $17,745 (₩21,263,000), and Dear, Klairs also donated an additional $8,345 (₩10,000,000).

A total of $26,090 (₩31,263,000) that contains the thoughts you have gathered along with Dear, Klairs, was put to use as follows.

We want to give Tosa Inu Damin a new opportunity.

Damin is a 42kg female Tosa Inu born in 2016. She is currently suffering from malignant lymph node tumors.

Her treatment costs, which began in July 2021, have already exceeded $13,355 in October. It is rare for dogs of her breed to get adopted due to the prejudice that they are a dangerous breed, it is difficult for her to receive hospital treatment because of her large size, and it costs a lot even if treatment is possible.

Nevertheless, we want to give a new opportunity to Damin, who is holding out bravely.

A part of the donation made by Dear, Klairs will be used for Damin’s hospital expenses in September and October.

We want to relieve the pain of Rosco, a beagle.

Rosco is a grandfather beagle who is over 10 years old this year.

Unfortunately, there is a malignant tumor in his prostate, and he also suffers from heartworms. Even so, he is brave, curious, and energetic enough to go on 2~3 walks a day.

We are providing the medical expenses to support Rosco so that he can have a less painful time and concentrate on his treatment, as we wait for a family that can be with him even if it is for one day.

A part of the donation made by Dear, Klairs will be used for Rosco’s hospital expenses.

A part of the donations will be used for treatment for abandoned dogs who dream of meeting a family someday and living happily, and another part will be used to provide shelter.

When we started the donation project, we asked a question to the person in charge of the ‘Beagle Rescue Network’.

“What do abandoned dogs need the most?”

We expected the response to be medical expenses or delicious treats, but that was not the answer.

“What abandoned dogs and dogs that never had a family need is none other than a family that loves them and can be with them until their last day.”

Donations are always helpful, but we finish this project by saying that it would be the most meaningful if as many people as possible could think about abandoned dog protection groups and consider adopting one day.

We sincerely thank everyone who joined us in this donation project with a precious heart. We hope that your warm heart can reach all of the animals.

Dear, Klairs