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Klairs continues to find success in Asia – fares well in competitive Japanese market

While Japan has one of the most influential cosmetic industries, Korean cosmetics are faring well in its competitive, prominent beauty market.

Among new, trendy labels, Klairs has risen as a reputable brand and is receiving much interest in Japan for the gentle and natural formulas of their products.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Though still a fairly new brand for Japanese consumers, it was picked up early on through social media as individuals interest in Korean culture and K-Beauty brought them to discover the many positive reviews on Klairs.

It wasn’t until K-Beauty specialist, Yoonji, shared her love and support for Klairs through her social media that Klairs really started to go on to their path to fame in Japan.

With a following of 21K just on her Instagram, Yoonji has been a credible source for the latest Korean trends and update on K-Beauty for the Japanese community, and had a considerable influence on the interest Klairs received.


 A shared passion for skin care



Title: Korean Women’s Latest Secret for Brighter Skin

Korea’s Latest Brightening Trend

Secret 1: Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum has unsurprisingly been picked as the main secret for brighter skin. Vitamin C doesn’t just whiten the skin, but it also helps to tighten pores and remove dead skin cells to make the skin tone brighter in general.

The Freshly Juiced Vitamin Serum of Korean brand, Klairs, is created through an innovative process that stabilizes the Vitamin C, so that it gives the feeling as if you’re using a serum that is made with pure, freshly squeezed vitamins.

As much as Klairs brand motto is “Reasonable skincare for even those with sensitive skin”, this serum is special because it is made to be gentle, created with soothing and natural ingredients, like centella, yuzu and broccoli extract.

I also use this Vitamin C serum, and the freshness of the product along with the great price are some of its strong points.

True to their principles, Klairs’ sole focus is creating the highest quality products from natural ingredients, to deliver the best for their customers. Because of this, they have received love anywhere they go.

These guiding principles also greatly allowed for the Japanese public to look toward Klairs.

In the beauty industry, one uniting factor between Korea and Japan are their mutual interest they have and importance they place on taking care of the skin.

Yoonji later highlighted on these points in her article for popular cosmetic forum site, Cosme, in her article, “Korean Women’s Secret to Brighter Skin”, in which she featured  the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, also gaining momentum in the US.

Expansion in the East

In her new online boutique store, Maison de Seoul, Yoonji works with the concept of bringing Seoul to Japan.

With her hand-selected beauty and lifestyle items, Japanese consumers are eager to get their hands on the latest in Korea – Klairs included.

Almost less than a month after opening, Klairs has established its position on the best seller list and continues to do so, with the interest only growing with time.

The Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop and Supple Preparation Facial Toner featured as two of the “Best Beauty Item[s]”
While there is still much room for growth in Japan, fans can continue to remain optimistic for more progress and expansion.

Until then, Klairs is available online through Wishtrend for international sale or through Maison de Seoul.