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Dear, Klairs Gentle Black (Deep vs Fresh) Cleansing Oil Review

Cleansing oils are a must-have product when removing dirt, makeup, and any other impurities you don’t want on your skin without stripping away moisture. Dear, Klairs has two cleansing oils in the Gentle Black Line: Deep and Fresh Cleansing Oil. While both products remove all impurities from the skin, they are different in ingredients and formulation. Furthermore, while both oils are packed with plant-based oils, they have different compositions of fatty acids that make them differ in texture and results.

Deep Cleansing Oil

Deep Cleansing Oil
The Dear, Klairs Deep Cleansing Oil has been a long-time fan favorite before the Fresh Cleansing Oil was launched. The key plant oils in the deep cleansing oil are jojoba seed, soybean, sesame seed, and black currant seed. Unlike the fresh cleansing oil, the deep cleansing oil has a light fragrance that is non-allergenic. 

In terms of texture, the deep cleansing oil feels smooth and thick as opposed to the fresh oil. Because of the thicker texture, the deep cleansing oil is recommended to use when removing heavy makeup. Also, the thick texture makes it perfect for dehydrated and flaky skin.


Fresh Cleansing Oil

Fresh Cleansing Oil
The Dear, Klairs Fresh Cleansing Oil was launched after the deep cleansing oil.
Once the fresh cleansing oil is applied to the skin, you can notice the difference instantly. Similar to the deep cleansing oil, the fresh cleansing oil contains jojoba and black currant seed. 

The fresh oil also contains sunflower and grape seed oil. However, it isn’t fragrant like the deep cleansing oil. Because the fresh cleansing oil is lighter, it also emulsifies easily. The light texture is perfect for removing light makeup such as waterproof products. Whereas the deep cleansing oil is recommended for dehydrated skin, the fresh cleansing oil is best for combination to oily skin. 

gentle black cleansing oil review

While both cleansing oils differ in formulation, texture, and emulsification, both oils are moisturizing products that simultaneously remove makeup, surface debris, and excess oils.

For more information on how these two products compare and differ, refer to the following video:

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