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Klairs ‘Blue Line’ to introduce it’s third member

First there was the Midnight Blue Calming Cream. Then came the Midday Blue Sun Lotion. Now, we’d like to introduce the newest edition to the Klairs Blue line: the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop.

What is it?

Just like it’s name, the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop is an anti-aging night serum that works to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles to improve overall skin texture, while repairing damaged skin to create a stronger barrier on the skin.

When we think ‘anti-aging’, more often than not, we come to mind the image of our mother’s generation trying to fade the appearance of the deep wrinkles and creases of the skin that tells the story of the passage of time. However, aging can start from the mid-20s. This comes in the form of subtle creases that form in our smile lines, forehead, and even in the delicate areas around our eyes and mouth.

While many in their 20s and 30s won’t start thinking about anti-aging care until their 40s and 50s, neglecting this portion of our skincare can hit us full force in the future. Rather than frantically searching for a solution then, the blue drop is an everyday serum that can work to prevent formation of new wrinkles that start to appear in our mid-20s, and even care the for deep-set wrinkles that form during our middle-ages.

This is why the blue drop was born.

Dual peptide formula

To break it down into simpler terms, peptides as a chain of amino-acids that make up a protein – in this case collagen, a key player in the youthful nature of the skin. The blue drop is formulated with a high content of two types of epidermal growth factors (peptides, which each work on the wrinkles deep in the skin and on the wrinkles on the skin’s surface:

1) sh-Oligopeptide- 1 (EGF)

Epidermal Growth Factor, also commonly referred to as EGF, which works on the skin’s surface (epithelial cells) to help regenerate skin, has excellent effects on the improvement of fine lines & wrinkles that form during the 20-30s.

While EGF is originally present in the human body, it sharply decreases during the mid-20s. Supplementing EGF through cosmetics will normalize the skin turnover cycle and speed up the skin’s regeneration, not only strengthening the skin’s outer barrier but also making the the skin more firm and elastic, making the improvement of newly formed wrinkles easier.

2) sh-Polypeptide-1 (bFGF)

Unlike EGF, Fibroblast Growth Factor, commonly referred to as bFGF, works deep within the skin (dermis) to help the synthesis of collagen found in the skin, making it excellent for the improvement in deep-set wrinkles that form in the mid-30s.

Simple, but enough

Most importantly, this serum is formulated with a total of 10 ingredients – all of which play a role in the stability and power of the serum. Let’s break it down and look at a few key elements:

  • Blueberry Extract is a strong antioxidant that maximizes the anti-aging benefits of the serum. It also functions to enhance the skin’s collagen and moisture levels.
  • Adenosine is another great powerhouse that energizes the skin’s surface for smoother, softer skin.
  • Guaiazulene is the same raw ingredient found in the blue cream, for skin damaged by UV rays & heat, the main causes of aging in the skin.  It’s highly effective in the recovery of not only skin irritated by ultraviolet rays and the sun, but in the soothing of skin made sensitive by acne & other factors, and skin damaged by the extrusion of acne spots.

Some other formula highlights? The serum doesn’t contains any water, making it more stable and all the more effective.

And with a concentration of 20 ppm EFG, as compared to an average concentration of 5 ppm, we’re confident this serum will deliver visible effects.

Why it’s our essential, and why it’ll become yours too

Many of you might still have the following doubt: “I already have the blue cream, why do I need the blue drop?”

Let’s talk about it in terms of the blue line.

If the Midday Blue Sun Lotion protects the skin from UVA and UVB damage, and the Midnight Blue Calming Cream soothes the skin of heat damage caused by UVB, the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop not only functions as an anti-aging serum, it also works to turn back damage deep in the skin caused by UVA rays.

Protect the skin with the blue sun lotion. Calm with the blue cream. Restore with the blue drop.


The much awaited Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop is soon to be released both on and offline. Until then, shop the whole Klairs collection online with international shipping at, or through any one of Klairs global partners.

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