Dear, Klairs


[ANNOUNCEMENT] To those who have given us at Dear, Klairs their love and trust.

+Updated (December 07, 2020)

To those who have given us at Dear, Klairs their love and trust,

We sincerely apologize for our delayed update in response to your concerns regarding the SPF index of our sun protection products. We ask for your understanding as we wanted to ensure that the information we provide you is fully accurate.

Currently, Dear, Klairs’ SPF products are produced according to KFDA SPF regulations. However, we have identified the possibility that these products, produced under Korean guidelines, may produce different results when tested under non-Korean, country specific testing methods and guidelines.  Therefore, we are suspending the overseas sale of all SPF-related products, and plan to conduct global standardized tests for all SPF-related products.

We deeply apologize for our shortcomings in our preparations to enter the global market.

Dear, Klairs has grown to become the brand we are now by listening to and actively communicating with our customers around the world. We vow to reflect on our past shortcomings, correct them so as to not repeat them in the future, and develop ways to further grow from our mistakes.

We at Dear, Klairs apologize once again to our partners and customers who gave us their full trust, and promise to make up for your choice to believe in us.


+Updated (December 23, 2020)

We at Dear, Klairs will be conducting tests on all our sun protection products in regards to their sun protection factor (SPF).

All our SPF products are produced in compliance with regulations mandated by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), formerly the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA). However, with the recent love our products have been receiving from global consumers, we have confirmed that the SPF index of the same product may read differently when tested under different, country-specific testing methods.

Therefore, we will be taking this time to inspect all our SPF products in order to be fully transparent and provide accurate results on the matter. We will be conducting various SPF index tests with reliable organizations, which we expect to take at least four to six months, at most.

We ask for your patience as we prepare to return with solidified improvements.

We at Dear, Klairs are fully aware that every inch of growth we have experienced is due to our active communication with each of our customers. We give our word that we will do our all to be a brand you can continue to trust.

Thank you.