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US: Instyle, Aug 2021

Shoppers Say These Vitamin C Drops
“Improved Sun Damage” in Two Weeks

Vitamin C Drops Improved Sun Damage in Two Weeks

Vitamin C isn’t an ingredient that targets a specific skin concern or area, but improves the complexion overall. Vitamin C is the star of the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Serum from Klairs. The transformative ingredient is celebrated for its ability to drastically brighten dull skin by evening skin tone and diminishing sunspots. It also makes the skin look bouncy and plump. And at the center of the serum is its bold promise to energize and rejuvenate the skin without irritation. The brand also says that the serum clears up existing breakouts, minimizes pores, and fades dark spots.

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According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Christine Choi Kim, vitamin C is a nutrient that is essential for growth and repairs skin tissue. “It promotes collagen production and can help with fine lines and smoother texture. Vitamin C also inhibits melanin production resulting in reduced hyperpigmentation, brighter appearing skin,” Dr. Choi Kim explains to InStyle.

Dr. Choi Kim notes that the five percent vitamin C serum incorporates sodium hyaluronate, a “humectant
that hydrates the skin by attracting up to 1000 times its weight in water to the skin’s surface.” Between the powerful vitamin C and the added sodium hyaluronate, this is an effective serum that leaves the skin radiant, smooth, and hydrated.

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This product can be found on or at SokoGlam in the U.S.

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