Dear, Klairs


UK: Stylist, Jun 2020

From perfume to dry shampoo, tinted moisturiser and cleanser,
here are the best vegan beauty products according to the Stylist team.

Best vegan face mist

“I have very sensitive skin that’s prone to occasional dry patches, but when it’s hot outside I don’t really want to slather on loads of moisturiser in the morning: it tends to increase the sensation that my face is melting like a wax candle.

So recently, I’ve become obsessed with the Fundamental Ampule Mist by cult Korean vegan skincare brand Klairs. It contains camellia leaf water, cucumber, hibiscus fruit extract and all kinds of natural, refreshing-sounding ingredients, but really all I care about is the fact that it makes my face look and feel unbelievably moisturised, supple and dewy for hours on end. Plus, the sturdy pump is extremely satisfying to spritz with.”


Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist is available on or on Beauty & Seoul


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