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5 Reasons Why Moisturizing the Skin is Necessary

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or in between, you should always hydrate the skin with a moisturizer! In fact, if some of you are thinking, “I have oily skin, I don’t need to moisturize my skin”.. think again, because your skin can actually be dehydrated and you don’t even know it!

Healthy skin starts with taking care of it and keeping it moisturized! Read on to find out 5 reasons why moisturizing your skin is crucial!

1. Moisturizing the skin delays the process of your skin aging #stayyoung 

When you skip the moisturizer step from your skincare routine, it can accelerate the aging process; meaning the fine lines around your face can deepen and become more prominent and form into a deeper wrinkle. Say no to wrinkles and hydrate your skin with a gentle but deeply moisturizing gel, serum or cream! We recommend the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, which is especially great in the harsh cold winter season. Furthermore, a study from the British Journal of Dermatology discovered that those who used a moisturizer developed less wrinkles quickly compared to those who didn’t use a moisturizer.

2. Moisturizing the skin may be the cure for your skin problem/s (i.e. dry patches, oily t-zones, etc.) #dryskinproblems

The right moisturizer will help balance the skin and this may be the solution to the root of your skin problems. When the skin is not balanced, it will react by either dehydrating the skin or over-producing oil.  In order to prevent that from happening, moisturize the skin. Depending on your skin type, experiment with different versions of moisturizers. If you tend to be oily and acne prone, we recommend using a gel type such as Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum, which is a great option for hydration without making the skin feel too oily.


3. Moisturizing may calm your inflamed acne #goodbyeacne

Less products may seem the way to go when it comes to sensitive, acne-prone skin, but don’t forget to include a moisturizer. Drying out the skin may actually irritate the acne even more by causing it to be inflamed and therefore, causes the acne to stay longer than it needs to. Use a product that is gentle for sensitive skin to help calm the skin. If you need additional help with calming the angry inflamed acne, try using a cream that helps cool down that area (aka spot treatment creams) such as the Midnight Blue Calming Cream. According to an article found on Livestrong, dry skin limits the ability for the skin to maintain consistent cell turnover, which can cause your skin to become more sensitive and easily irritated or inflamed.


4. Moisturizing may be the cure for dull skin tone #byebyedullskin

That’s right, without moisturizing and hydrating the skin, it will not be as plump and healthy. Think about it, drinking water helps our body and organs to function properly and even flushes out toxins. In the same way, the skin also needs to be hydrated to be healthy. Therefore, use a moisturizer for brighter, healthier skin. Good Housekeeping explains how dry skin is like having cracks on the surface, which can appear dull. A moisturizer will fill in those areas and seal up the gaps between the skin cells, which in turn means healthy, smooth looking skin!

5. Moisturizing is like a primer; it will help your makeup apply easily. #goodmakeupdays

Without the dry patches and uneven skin tone, it will make your time doing makeup easier and less time is spent stressing on covering up and blending your concealer or foundation.  It’s true, and maybe some of you can relate, good skin days mean better makeup application. Hydrate and prep the skin to be ready for makeup!