Dear, Klairs


GLOWiD Makes a Beauty Trip to Seoul!

Klairs finished off the month of April on a happy note! We had some fantastic visitors all the way from Sweden for a short, but sweet beauty trip.

Our partners along with the winners of their sweepstakes made a beauty trip to the headquarters for Klairs and our sister brand By Wishtrend. Klairs had an all-day event filled with our buyers from Sweden to learn more about our brand, how our products are made, and to (of course, can’t skip out) experience the Seoul city culture!

The Sweden team that visited Seoul composed of two Instagram winners from the competition Glow iD held, Nathalie and Hannah, their ambassador Olga Röonberg, the manager of Skincity Sophia Mellström, photographer Patricia Röonberg, the Beauty Editor of the Magazine “Damernas Varld” Maria Ahlgren, and the CEO of GLOWID Cecilia Ortmark Soder.

A Day in Seoul with Glow iD

11:00AM – The day started off with visitors from Sweden visiting the office and was off to a presentation about Klairs which then ended with a Q&A session.

During the presentation, Klairs shared the history of the brand starting from 2009 and their desire to bring skincare back to the basics. Its main mission is to use only the most necessary ingredients, bringing quality products at a reasonable price. A brand dedicated to serving skincare for all types, including sensitive skin. Due its transparent communication and simple yet effective products, the brand started to become well-known very quickly.

Some of the current best sellers and most loved products featured in the presentation was of course, the Supple Preparation Facial Toner, Rich Moist Soothing Cream, and the Freshly Juiced Duo. Klairs – as always,  inspired by our customers, will continue to create skincare products that focus on healthy values and excellent ingredients. Therefore, we have recently launched the Unscented toner, Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask (Upgraded), and the Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask. Klairs is looking into launching a few more products in the near future, so keep an eye out!

The Klairs team also shared some goals for the upcoming future. The team discussed various ways to expand Klairs so that it becomes accessible. Great ideas were shared around, so be sure to be on the look out!

12:00pm – After the presentation, the team was presented a classic Korean lunch box containing Bulgogi and salad.

This was a time for everyone to taste some of the Korean culture through food. They were served in a black fancy lunch box filled with many vegetable side dishes, bulgogi and rice. It was also a time for the visitors to get to know some of the staff at Klairs while enjoying their food.

1:00pm – It was time to visit the GDK Factory! This was the actual ‘beauty trip’ part of this excursion – where the partners and their winners got to see first hand of the process of how our products came alive. The Klairs team wanted the buyers to have a chance at exploring and understanding how some of our products our made. The recently launched sheet masks were created at this factory. It was a chance for them to not only hear about it but see how it was created in person.

2:00pm – The team arrived at the factory. It started off with the company introduction and then followed with a factory tour.

GDK warmly welcomed the team with beautiful banner outside of the company. Soon they were led to a meeting room where they received an introduction of GDK, who creates many brands skincare products. They are specialized in creating sheet mask, and in fact, they have made the latest Klairs sheet mask, and By Wishtrend’s Hours Long Moisturizing sheet mask!

3-4:00pm – Once they came inside, they were able to see all the products that are created and developed by GDK. Afterwards, the team wore a cap, mask, and gown for sanitary purposes before going inside the factory to witness how the products are developed from the initial stages to the finalized products.  The first stage of the process was gathering all the ingredients in a big bucket-like machine. Then the ingredients are mixed well. After mixing, the contents go in for a test and are sanitized. They also go through temperature testing and for the sheet masks, they check how flexible and durable the material of the sheet masks are. The team were able to witness on of of the most exciting stages of the product production where the team went inside wearing gowns to see the machines putting the formulated sheet mask into it’s package and getting sealed, ready to be used by a customer!

GLOWiD at Klairs

To conclude…

Everyone had a great time learning a lot about the brand, and the process of how everything was created. Living in one of the most fastest growing city with constantly changing trends, it’s inevitable that our brand does the best to keep pace and to constantly innovate products that are of highest quality and most effective for all skin types. We are excited to continue to expand our brand and products so that it becomes available all around the world! Thanks for visiting us in Seoul, Glow iD. We hope that this beauty trip to Seoul was a memorable one!