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Acne stressing you out? Keep calm & feel the soothing power of blue

No – not the sad, depressed blue. We’re talking about the calming, soothing, acne-treating power of the Midnight Blue Calming Cream.캡처

Why does acne occur?

There’s no set answer to this question. Acne occurs for a various number of reasons, and can differ for each individual.

While for some it can be hormonal or genetic, acne for others can simply be due to the change in weather, or a lack of proper cleansing. But whatever the reason, acne can be treated with a proper skincare routine.

Thanks to the many acne treatments that are available, as well as the wide range of acne care products out on the market, treating acne even at its height is very much possible.

While acne and pimples go away, they often leave marks on the complexion that can even lead to long-term pigmentation. This is why giving the proper care to your skin to give it the essential nourishing base to fight off acne before it occurs, is crucial.

Be proactive: prevention is key

So, let’s talk about a few key elements of a strong skincare routine that can help keep your skin ready to fight any unwanted spots.

1. Cleansing is key. Think about all the gunk and bacteria that flies around in the air, and then think about all of it sticking to and collecting on your face. Gross, right? Without removing all the dirt and bacteria that collects on the skin, it can lead to increased risk of breaking out.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate! This not only helps clear out the pores by physically removing the layer of dead skin and sebum that may be blocking them, it also increases the rate of cell turnover to help with pigmentation and brightening a dull skin tone.

3. Just plain hydration. Just like our bodies need to stay hydrated to function healthily and properly, so does the skin. Moisturize with a selection of only the most essential, simple items that can deliver plentiful moisture to the skin without providing room for any adverse reactions to any unnecessary elements or ingredients.

4. Soothe and calm the skin. For this, seek out products that contain active elements that gently but effectively reduce any  signs of irritation or stress on the skin. For this, products like the guaiazulene infused Midnight Blue Calming Cream are perfect for keeping the skin’s protective barrier strong.

Keep calm and feel blue

So what exactly is guaizulene?

Guaiazulene is a natural ingredient derived from chamomile oil, that is commonly used in burn medications, for its soothing properties and UV protection abilities. Its natural dark violet hue adds a light blue touch to products it touches, which is why the Midnight Blue Calming Cream has a unique shade of light cornflower blue.

While it’s definitely visually soothing, its soothing properties allow it to be great as a spot care treatment – among many other uses.

Because it’s formulated specifically to nourish and care rather than to moisturize, the cream’s thick and creamy texture provides a comfortable hydrated feeling to the face while playing an effective part in its role as a soothing care treatment.

It not only prevents those pesky little spots from becoming full blown pimples, it also reduces redness and pigmentation for spots that matured and were extracted.

So – next time you feel another breakout coming on, make sure to take a deep breath, keep calm, and feel the soothing power of blue.