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Spain: Trendencias, July 2018


Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop was featured in Trendencias article. The editor shared a detailed explanation of why this product has been one of her favorites. This product is designed to help all skin types stay hydrated, even the most sensitive skin types out there.

The editor talks about the main ingredients found in this product and how it can benefit the skin. The first benefit is the Vitamin E and its role in  helping to recover elasticity of the skin — essentially preventing signs of aging and improving the appearance of wrinkles. The second ingredient that she shares is Niacinamide, which reduces hyper-pigmentation and controls the production of sebum. Lastly, the last ingredient she shares is Adenosine which improves wrinkles and promotes collagen production.

One of the many ways, Klairs products are available for purchase is through Miin Cosmetics.

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