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With summer long gone and winter approaching, fall in Korea (as well as California, where I reside) is the transition season for  it is a time where the weather unexpectedly goes from hot to cold. The change in weather results in stress over dry skin, so I have noticed that people are investing money in skincare products and time to allow for a routine in comparison with summer where dry skin was not as prominent. On a general note, people are focusing on achieving well hydrated and pore-less looking skin. Although everyone’s day and night fall skincare routine might differ, fall Korean skincare recommends that one uses cleansing oil, facial polish, facial toner, serum and soothing cream.


A well known fact, cleansing oils should be the first and main step of any skincare routine because makeup, sun cream or pollutants tend to enter one’s pores. As the weather becomes colder, one’s skin becomes dry due to the winds, which forces one to put on makeup or sun cream in order to appear as having hydrated skin. By the end of the day, all of these end up entering into one’s pores and as a result, the solution to get prevent blackheads and acne, it is important that one uses cleansing oil.



Klairs’ Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil (4.7 rating)



Although not required, I have noticed the trend of people using facial polish, which tend to show the best result when used with its corresponding cleansing oil. Besides the dryness, another issue that fall season bring is the fact that makeup does not seem to evenly spread throughout the skin but rather refuses to stay on the skin. This is where a facial polish comes in because with constant and appropriate use, it will bring smooth, soft skin which is perfect for makeup application!


Klairs’ Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish (4.8 rating)



Another essential product in any routine, facial toner presents its importance in fall Korean skincare for it is often and should be used for dry skins. Toners serve the purpose of removing excess dirt and sebum form the skin while also helping the skin to avoid skin irritation by closing pores. The fall Korean skincare thinks highly of pore-less skin, thus, toners are something that many customers look for when visiting beauty stores.


Klairs’ Supple Preparation Facial Toner (4.8 rating)


As important as toner, a serum plays a role in achieving pore-less skin while also serving as hydration balance to regulate sebum, which are two of the things that females strive for during the fall. It protects frequently irritated pores from growing bigger and instead helps to create an even skin tone and texture.


Skinmiso’s Pore Corset Serum (4.5 rating)


The last essential for the fall Korean skincare routine is soothing cream! Soothing cream is actually used by all ages and genders because of its main benefit of comforting and calming irritated, red, dry skin. It would be a smart move to apply the cream at the end of the routine.


Klairs’ Rich Moist Soothing Cream (4.7 rating)


To conclude, fall Korean skincare trend includes cleansing oil, facial polish, facial toner, serum and soothing cream! Even though it is vital that one finds the brand that suits his or her skin type, WISHTREND highly recommends the products mentioned above. Don’t allow the cold weather keep you from taking care of your skin but instead use the season to find the perfect routine for you!